Anioma People Grieve, as Omu Anioma, Obi Martha Dunkwu joins Ancestors


Feb 18, 2024

By Our Reporter

The Anioma Nation in Delta State of Nigeria, has been thrown into yet another mourning as the very revered Traditional connoisseur and culture colossus, Her Royal Majesty, Obi Martha Dunkwu (Omu Okpanam/Omu Anioma/Nneoha) joins her Ancestors in an unannounced transition.

The Organisation For the Advancement of Anioma Culture (OFAAC) as the umbrella body of Anioma Culture, led by her President and CEO of Contemporary Group Ltd, Arc. Kester Ifeadi has paid a condolence visit to the family of the Omu Okpanam/Omu Anioma and Nneoha.

In their emotional laden visit, the delegationh expressed the unreserved grief of Anioma Nation to the very unexpected and unprepared transition of the epitome of Anioma Culture who was a Board of Trustee member of OFAAC.

Ifeadi in a teary eyes affirmed that Anioma Nation had lost a rare gem, a living legend created in a class of her own and a traditional leader that had brought visibility and glamour to the culture and traditions of Anioma people of Nigeria.

Additionally, he said it would be difficult for Anioma to recover from the irreversible loss that Omu Martha Dunkwu’s transition had placed it, thereby encouraging all and sundry to take solace in the fact that she had left a legacy that can never be erased.

In the family’s response, Omu Dunkwu’s only biological child and lecturer at the University of Benin, Dr. Afamefuna Dunkwu-Okafor appreciated the OFAAC delegation for coming to identify with the bereaved family.

He said his mother lived for her people and had now gone to be with her Ancestors, having fulfilled her earthly mission.

Dr. Afamefuna Okafor acknowledged that her dearly beloved mother had long prepared for this day, thereby charging all Anioma people not to despair but to carry on with the ideology and legacies of Obi Martha Dunkwu.

The Executive members of OFAAC who accompanied the President on the condolence visit include; the Vice President, Mr. Paddy Ugboh, a Director, Mr. Emmanuel Ogwu and the Coordinator, Prince Andrew Obi-Okolie.

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