Edo 2024: We must collaborate to entrench good governance- Emmanuel Okeobor


Dec 21, 2023

By Our Reporter


A Frontline aspirant in the coming Edo 2024 Governorship election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Engineer and banker, Emmanuel Okoebor, in a function in Benin City, the Edo state capital over the weekend has said that he needs the collaboration of all well-meaning individuals in the state to collaborate with him to institute good governance.

This was contained in a speech he delivered while briefing his support groups in Benin City over the weekend.

According to him, “In a world plagued by political hypocrisy and government negligence, a shared vision of a government that upholds integrity, transparency, and accountability is a breath of fresh air which I propose to bring to bear in my government when elected as the next governor of Edo state, and we must work together and collaborate effectively to entrench good governance that profits not just a select few but a Government that profits all.

“When I become the governor of Edo state in 2024, as a social reformer, my government will be
a government of international best practices, and I propose a carefully thought out approach to governance that aims to rid society of all destructive tendencies that drags the community backward through government carelessness and negligence. By challenging the status quo and advocating for a government devoid of hypocrisy and neglect but a Government built on the foundation of integrity, accountability, and transparency.

“Government criminal negligence is the overriding factor why there is so much lack, hunger, and deprivation in the land, not necessarily lack of resources. Why does the Government, for instance, hate infrastructure maintenance like roads until they are entirely deplorable?

“Government negligence and failures is a pressing issue that plagues our societies, and the time to correct it is now, and I have come to end it. When elected officials fail to address the needs and concerns of their constituents, the repercussions can be devastating. Negligence manifests in various forms, such as inadequate infrastructure, poor public services, or a lack of response to critical challenges, leaving citizens feeling abandoned and voiceless. I recognize the need and the urgency of rectifying this betrayal, and I propose an alternative pathway that is entrenched in transparency and accountability in governance to mitigate the despicable misery as a result of government failures.

“My proposed government is characterized by three fundamental principles: integrity, transparency, and accountability. These principles form the bedrock of my system, which aims to restore public trust, promote ethical governance, and prioritize the people’s interests above all else.

Still speaking, he said that he is aware of the challenges of the arduous task of establishing a Government devoid of hypocrisy and negligence but said he is determined to institute a Government that serves and profits the people.

” A government devoid of hypocrisy and negligence is not without challenges. Overcoming deeply entrenched systems and vested interests is a formidable task. However, the first step lies in raising awareness and fostering a collective desire for change. This proposal should be a rallying point for citizens, civil society organizations, and reform-minded politicians to come together and join me to establish in Edo state a government that truly serves the people.

“People of Edo state, I present to you this day a vision of governance that aims to restore public trust, prioritize the welfare of citizens, and create a society where the government is a true servant of the people. While realizing this vision may be challenging, the potential benefits for society make it a cause worth pursuing. It is time for citizens to demand change, hold their elected officials accountable, and work towards a future free from hypocrisy and negligence”, the statement concluded

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