Edo Journalists Commends Festus Alenkhe For His Developmental Strides At The Union As He Presents Mid-Term Report To Congress


Jul 28, 2023

By Mercy Akuba

Members of the Nigeria Union of Journalists,Edo state Council has poured encomiums on the State Chairman, Comrade Festus Alenkhe and his Executive for Transforming leadership in the union.

Expressing their various satisfactions over the manner Festus Alenkhe and his team have added dignity to the activities of the Union, members of the State Executive Council (SEC) took their turns to disclose their commendations to the Leadership of the union.

Com. Hameed Braimoh, Chairman of the Nigeria Observer Chapel congratulated the Chairman and his team for exceeding the listed items to be executed in his manifestos.

” Chairman you have done exceedingly well within a short time as Chairman of this great Union. You have been able to break the jinx that barricades past leadership from fraternizing with all in the society, not minding the political interest of such friends of the union. This is how it is expected to be, as mirror of the society, we do not belong to anybody but for those who are ready to work for the development and wellbeing of the society”.

On her part, the Chairman of Federated Chapel,Comrade Mercy Onyenweli further commended the State Executive led by Festus Alenkhe for working for the union with passion and commitment as a team.

” Chairman I admire your team because you all work in unison with so much passion to make a difference and we at the Chapel level are watching and at the same time learning from you. You are all doing a great job and we will continue to support this light that have come to stay in Edo NUJ “.

The chairman of State information, Mwine Maureen also assured the Chairman that herself and her chapel members are proud of his developmental strides in the Union and will always throw their support to his government.

” Chairman you are indeed doing a great Job and we can not pretend not to see or hear it, so am assuring you that you need not to be deterred as those with you are more than those against you”.

Also speaking, the Chairman of Merit Chapel, Comrade Eben Enasco said the Chairman has transformed Edo NUJ to the point that those who opposed him have joined to testify the work of the state leadership to the world .

” Chairman you have not only made us your supporters proud ,but your achievement have made those who fought against your emergence to join in testifying the marvelous projects you are doing here. Please , keep it up as we are ready for more beautiful years ahead”.

The Chairman of Edo NAWOJ, Adesuwa Ehimuan also described Edo NUJ as Pace setter in the 36 State councils across the Country due to Comrade Festus Alenkhe transformation Leadership style.

” Chairman, since you emerge as the number one Journalist in Edo State, you have made Edo state Council a talk of the National body of this great Union. You have not just make us proud with your achievement so far but you have redefine Journalism in the state and we are indeed grateful “.

In a similar vein at the Edo state NUJ Congress, the encomiums continues as Efosa Uwangue of ITV moved a motion to pass a Vote of Confidence on the Festus’ leadership style .

The motion was adopted by the Congress as many other encomiums followed.

Earlier, the Chairman presented his midterm report .



  1. Provision of 24 hours internet facility.
  2. Installation of CCTV for security surveillance
  3. 24 hours power supply to the Press Centre, courtesy of Ossiomo power project by Edo State government
  4. Renovation of toilet facilities
  5. Reactivation of water supply to the Press Centre
  6. Activation of the process to recover NUJ landed property
  7. Inaugurating member of Edo NUJ into SACA media team
  8. Setting up of NUJ Multi-purpose Cooperative Society
  9. Enrollment of Journalists into Edo State Health Insurance scheme
  10. Relocation and construction of prayer center for Muslim journalists
  11. Training of 30 Journalists on Basic First Aid Response
  12. Financial empowerment for journalists through credit facilities
  13. Elimination of illegal occupants at the Press Centre
  14. Introduction of annual Edo Journalists Classic Dinner
  15. Instituted the annual Edo Journalists Picnic
  16. Erection of two pillars at the foyer of the NUJ Secretariat complex to support the building from collapse.
  17. Total facelift of NUJ Secretariat complex, including the painting which has now become an annual exercise
  18. Facilitated the processing and renewal of International Passport for journalists in Edo State in preparation for foreign tours
  19. Facilitated the issuance of Visas for journalists to travel for international training in the UK
    (The journalist Nigeria in August)
  20. Facilitated GT Plaza outlet at the Press Centre
  21. Facilitated appointment of journalists into various government committees
  22. 24 hours patrol of the NUJ Press Centre by armed security men.
  23. A 3- day Medical Outreach for Journalists
  24. Installed floodlights in strategic locations to light up the Press Centre
  25. Flooring of the space at the back of NUJ Secretariat Complex
  26. Marking of the car park lot to ensure orderliness in the parking of vehicles
  27. Hold periodic prayer sessions to intercede for journalists
  28. Free Health Care for journalists
  29. Facilitated INEC officials for journalists to register for PVC at the Press Centre
  30. Setting up of NUJ Band
  31. Hosting of NUJ NEC meeting/Tax Conference
  32. Regular washing of the Press Centre floor
  33. Purchase of heavy duty battery for the NUJ power generator which is now functional
  34. Enhancement of the commercial viability of the Press Centre for businesses to thrive
  35. Production of Edo Journalists Compendium
  36. Setting up of Edo NUJ Food Supermarket
  37. Relocation and construction of waste disposal point at the Press Centre
  38. Perimetre fencing of the moat end of the NUJ Press Centre.
  39. Evacuation of abandoned vehicles at the Press Centre
  40. Introduction of two different awards for best Investigative journalists in Edo State.
  41. Successfully hosted Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki
  42. Partnered with banks to give credit facilities to journalists
  43. Partnered with NNPC for journalists to buy fuel at government approved pump price during scarcity
  44. Introduction of media tour of government projects for physical verification
  45. Provision of lunch for all journalists during Congress
  46. Introduction of annual rage night for journalists to unwind

Festus Alenkhe

Andy Egbon

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