Hon. Edosa launches Market Women Monetary Support Scheme in Iguobazuwa Main Market


Apr 26, 2024

By Oronsaye James Valentine

Ovia southwest council chairman, Hon. Engr. Edosa Enomwoghomwenma have launched the Igho Eki Oduwa, a monetary support scheme for Ovia market women in Iguobazuwa market.
The ceremony which witnessed the attendance of key stakeholders from across the political sphere and other world of endeavors has continued to illicit positive comments from both the beneficiaries and people from the local council area.

Addressing the market women, the chairman affirmed that the initiative marks only the beginning of good things that the women will enjoy in his administration. He maintained that with the unwavering commitment of his administration, markets women will be empowered to engage in businesses that will help them to be self sustenance. The council boss mentioned that all markets and streets within Ovia South-west LGA will be visited, to ensure equitable distribution of this support.

Amidst an atmosphere brimming with gratitude, the traders led by Madam Bose Ojo (Iyeki of Iguobazuwa Market) expressed heartfelt appreciation for the support. She stated that Ovia women will continue to support the administration of Engr Edosa Enomwoghomwenma with all sense of commitment and vigor owing to the fulfilment of his campaign promises. In her words, Ovia is blessed to have a son that recognizes the position of women in the scheme of things. She also ceased the medium to thank once again the Chairman’s commitment to cleaning of the market – haven evacuated the huge refuse in the market upon assumption of office. This gesture of the chairman she said, will never be taken for granted and collectively we all will continue to support this administration without fail.

The launch of “Igho’Eki Oduwa” stands not merely as an event, but as a testament to the power of unity, compassion, and forward-thinking leadership. As the scheme takes root, it heralds a future where opportunity flourishes, and the aspirations of every trader find fertile ground to do business.

The chairman was accompanied to the ceremony by esteemed officials including the Vice Chairman of Ovia South-west LGA, Hon. Blessing Hosannah Perewari, and the Secretary to Local Government, Hon. Thompson Iyase, among others.

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