Hon Edosa, The Young And Uncommon Achiever Worthy Of Honour


May 1, 2024


Not many young people have a tale of their own to tell even with extolling personal accomplishments. But when the microscopic few who can are also blessed with so many others who are eager to tell it over and over again, it is obviously indicative of their impact-laden life, emanating from the power of their human empathy and diligently expressed through humility, calm demeanor, considerable dexterity, and exemplary leadership. So it is with Hon. Edosa Enowoghomwenma, President Emeritus, Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON), Archdiocese of Benin and current Executive Chairman, Ovia South West local government council, Edo state.

Being a rare asset and renowned for your sincerity, your passion to excel, your dedication to hard work, your fear of God and your belief in the advancement of our beloved state, your performance as Executive Chairman in less than 10 months have been declared as sterling and unprecedented by the good people of Ovia South West local government area and beyond. For this, the Almighty God will continue to reward you in no small measure.

Mr. Chairman sir, we are so proud and super excited to congratulate you for this prestigious award by the Edo state chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ). This award comes as no surprise to us in the CYON knowing your antecedents in community service. It is not only a direct consequence of your personal achievements but more of a meritorious acknowledgement of your audacious contributions to the development of Edo state in general and Ovia South West local government area in particular. It is rather timely and well deserved; it is a recognition of the so many years spent in formation and preparation as you patiently awaited a chance to access government for the benefit of your people.

This phenomenal award re-echoes your credibility and admits you into a league of extraordinary gentlemen immersed in impeccable character, and who have excelled in their different areas of human endeavours while contributing to the development of their communities in the state or the nation at large. Upon receipt of this award, you assume a new mantle of responsibility. We pray that you remain the warm-hearted man that you are with the capacity and God-given wisdom to make further positive lasting impressions on the fortunes of Ovia South West local government area.

May the good Lord keep you in good health, in sound mind and protect you from every adversity as you sustain your commitment through the *SCALE* agenda to achieving the unimaginable in the history of Ovia South West local government area. Amen.

Congratulations again Mr. Chairman.


Harriet Ofure Onankhinon,
*(President, Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON), Benin City Ecclesiastical Province)*

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