International Women’s Day: Betsy Obaseki Urges Career Women To Participate In Politics….As JOOPSA Celebrates Women


Mar 9, 2024

By Mercy Onyenweli

The First Lady of Edo State, Betsy Obaseki have called on Career women to actively participate in Politics so as to reduced the influx of women who have nothing to offer in the political space.

Speaking at the 2024 commemoration of International Women’s Day organized by John Oyegun Public Service Academy Center, the first Lady, Betsy lamented the influx of non career women in the political space and stressed that if women are ready to make a difference, the Career Women should start contesting for elective positions.

According to Betsy Obaseki, if Women who have proven themselves in their chosen careers attain leadership position, they are more likely to impact on women positively than those who lack leadership skills.

She noted that the reason why men don’t see women as co creators in the space of decision making, is due to the antecedents of those who have been there, yet cannot distinguish themselves in Politics

.“My desire is to bring Professional Women together and encourage them to actively participate in politics , because, I realized that our political space have been taken over by uneducated, half baked and unintelligent people who can not really add value in the system”

“If we must get it right, we must put our best hands forward, because over time, the Men realize that those Women who were in politics have nothing serious to offer, so they shortchange us, so , Women must build capacity to occupy leadership positions”.

In her welcome address, the Director General of John Odigie Oyegun Public Service Academy Center ,Dr. Precious congratulated Women across the globe whose contributions have reshaped the way Women are seen and accepted in the country.

Dr Precious noted that this year’s theme is urging all stakeholders to place as priority, Women’s empowerment and inclusion in leadership positions.

According to her, International Women’s Day goes beyond celebrating Women, rather, is a call to action, to reflect on the pivotal roles women in leadership are emboldened with and chatt a path that would help to promote gender equality and inclusiveness in decision making positions.

“International Women’s Day is not a mere celebration, is a call to action to envision a future where everyone can excel in their chosen fields. The theme reminds us that true progress is achieved when we embrace diversity and empower Women to take up leadership roles”

“ We must celebrate the achievement of Women who have broken barriers and shattered blockages to attain the positions they occupy today, however, there is so much work to be done, we need to create an environment that is friendly for Women to realize their leadership abilities.”

Speaking further,she said women at all levels whether educated or not has one or two important role to play in the society.

“One of my biggest inspirations was my grand mother, we call her ‘Iye Osazee’, She is one of the strongest woman that I have ever met.
She used to be a coralbeed merchant. I think when we talk about women leadership, is not about professional women alone, there is a lot of space for market woman , artisans , in fact there is space for everybody”.

She stressed further that women in Public Service have every right to be in the tables where decisions are made.You don’t need to be educated to be a female leader but there is a limit such women can function, that is why we are advocating for women to build their capacities, so they can join in decision making”.

“When there are crisis,, women come together to nurture their society, for us, is not about just having common education, that is why our audience is very diverse in this program, we also brought the market women because leadership is not just because you went to school, is to make sure women are in every space where decisions are being made”

She commended Governor Godwin obaseki passion for providing a friendly environment where Women can parti

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