Labour Party Crisis: Options Before Murphy Imasuen, Other Leaders


Jun 25, 2023

By Mercy. Akuba

With the gradual extinction of People Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State where most of the notable party members are seen resigning in droves, the ball seems to be moving towards the court of All Progressive Congress and Labour Party, but as all plans are on for the local government election and 2024 Governorship election, is Labour Party ready for the caliber of Men running down to the party to find political shelter?

Ordinarily , Labour Party is the party of the common Man where a shocking statement that made Politicians to start having a rethink was made in the last general election.

Records had shown that after the Presidential election, Politicians went back to their drawing boards and started strategizing how to gennar votes from the people either by force or by crook.

These latter hour moves helped some State Governors to return their preferred Candidates as Governors and members of State House of Assembly.

But the obvious realities is that the people have realized that those who pay so much to buy their votes when given opportunity to lead do not really bring the dividend of democracy to the grassroots, rather they work very hard to loot the system dry.

Reason why recently, efforts are made by the people to elect Politicians with proven track records, integrity and adequate capacity to lead in any elective position.

Somehow, the recent Hullabalo rocking the Labour Party between Murphy Immasuen and the National Chairman of the Party , Barr. Julius Abure on the allegation of forgery of signature is heart broken because as at present, Labour Party is the People’s Party , the big wig political parties have turned out to be representing the elites who are very far from the reality of living that have bedeviled the Common Man in the Society.

For the sake of the common Nigerians who trouped out in millions to cast their votes for Labour Party Candidates despite not having in-depth knowledge of the various Candidates, just to register their grievances against APC and PDP, whatever the case between Murpy Imassuen and Barr. Abure demands that both parties should shield their swords and embrace dialogue that would see an end to this road of dashing the hopes of the ordinary Nigerians on the floor.

Murpy Immasuen having won at the Supreme Court as the authentic Labour Party Candidate for Orionwhon Uhunmwode Federal Constituency should concentrate on how to mend fences with his Party instead of going all out to cause more disaffection that will set the party in a bad light before the people.

Election cases are all in the Tribunal, one of the major reasons why Murphy Immasuen need to work in close range with his party to see how he can win the case in Tribunal rather than fighting his own house .

From what is playing out, there are some undemocratic elements who are fanning the ember of this crisis, but for the sake of the People, this theatre of absurdity must stop forthwith.

The battle ahead is not an intra one rather it’s an inter that demands collaboration that would bring the best of democracy to the populace.

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