Media, Political Revolution,key to development of Niger Delta – Prof. .G. Darah


Aug 4, 2023

Mercy Onyenweli

Following the underdevelopment of Niger Delta despite being blessed with huge natural resources, Prof. Godini Darah has called on indigenous and main stream media across Niger Delta to rise up and reconstruct the Image of the region and set an agenda for Politicians to free the region from oppressors.

The Chairman, of Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF), Delta State , Prof. Darah stated this while delivering his address in a Town Hall Meeting organized for Journalists and Politicians by National Point Newspaper in collaboration with Wole Soyinka center for Investigative Journalism held in Warri, Delta State argued that the Media has a huge role to play to change the negative narrative that have been projected over time about the region.

Prof. Darah noted that the media must focus on the region’s interest and present Niger Delta’s Image positively before Nigerians.

He further stressed that the current political parties are controlled by the oligarchs and aristocrats, who do not represent the interest of the Niger Delta.

“We need a structural change in the Niger Delta to ensure accountability in governance, the existing political parties do not represent us rather they further the cause of the Oligarchy.

“Niger Delta should establish its own political party to protect its interests because no other party will grant the region its right,”

He attributed the under development of Niger Delta to political leaders from the area who feel comfortable accusing the Federal Government of not doing much while they are busy siphoning the money meant for developing the region.

Speaking earlier, Professor Rose Aziza who dwell on the Theme of the town hall meeting “Ensuring Electoral Accountability and Inclusive Governance stated that concerned Nigerians should not relent in pushing for a credible electoral system in Nigeria.

She condemned the culture of denying eligible Nigerians the opportunity to vote by dumping their PVCs inside the bush just to prevent the People from having access to their PVCs.

“To achieve a credible election, all eligible Nigerians should be allowed to vote. It pains me to see Nigerians go through unnecessary stress to register for their PVCs and thereafter , these PVCs are dumped in the bush just to prevent a particular region from voting “

“If our electoral process must be credible, INEC must live up to its responsibility and allow the process to be transparent enough to rekindle the confidence of the people”.

Speaking on inclusive governance, Prof. Rose called on Niger Delta Women to stand up and demand for their right in the political space as power is not given until it is taken.

“I want to see more Women involved in electoral process and occupy elective positions and not appointment which are subservient to the one who did the appointment.”

According to her, political parties should create an enabling environment for both Women, Youth and those living with disability to pick forms to contest by ensuring the forms are affordable .

The two days town training which was well attended by Journalists and Politicians across the Niger Delta region featured discussants who dwell on the issues affecting the electoral process in the Country.

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