Senator Neda championing Unity , Excellence at the faculty of Law, University of Benin


Dec 7, 2023


In the vibrant halls of the National Assembly, Distinguished Senator Barrister Neda Imasuen, the Senator representing Edo South Senatorial District, stands as a beacon of support and inspiration for the academic community. Recently, his unwavering commitment to fostering positive engagement and camaraderie instituted the “Senator Neda Imasuen Annual Soccer Tournament for the Law Students Association, Faculty of Law, University of Benin, Benin City,Nigeria.
The first edition took center stage at the Faculty of Law, University of Benin, Benin City Edo State, Nigeria from Friday 1st to 5th December,2023, which involves Staff and Students of the Faculty of Law.
The event, a testament to the senator’s dedication to promoting healthy interaction within educational institutions, unfolded with resounding success, thanks in no small measure to Distinguish Senator Neda Imasuen generous financial contributions towards the success of the tournament. The tournament, pulsating with energy and enthusiasm, brought together students and lecturers in the spirit of friendly competition.

Distinguished Senator Neda Imasuen’s financial support proved instrumental in elevating the event, allowing the allocation of significant cash prizes to recognize the participants’ outstanding efforts. The winners emerged with a substantial cash prize of Two Hundred Thousand naira (#200,000.00) naira, while the second and third-place teams secured commendable cash prize awards of One Hundred and Fifty thousand naira (#150,000.00) naira and One Hundred Thousand naira (#100,000.00) naira, respectively.

The impact of Senator Neda Imasuen’s involvement extended beyond the financial realm. His presence through his Personal Aide, PA added prestige to the occasion, underscoring the significance of collaboration and unity within the academic community. The match became more than a sporting event; it became a celebration of the shared passion for learning and the strength derived from mutual respect.

As we reflect on the successes and gains of the tournament, there is a palpable sense of gratitude for Distinguished Senator Barrister Neda Imasuen’s unwavering support. His commitment to creating a vibrant and supportive atmosphere within the Faculty of Law has left an indelible mark in the hearts of students and the faculty alike.

Looking ahead, the academic community eagerly anticipates more opportunities to welcome Distinguished Senator Neda Imasuen into their midst. His continued involvement promises to further enrich the academic and social fabric of the institution, fostering an environment where excellence and unity thrive.

The Faculty of Law University of Benin Benin City extends heartwarming appreciation to Distinguish Senator Barrister Neda Imasuen for his pivotal role in making the tournament a triumph. His support has not only elevated the event but has also become a catalyst for fostering a sense of community and togetherness within the academic landscape.

Distinguished Senator Neda Imasuen is the Chairman Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges, and Public Petitions

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