Edo 2024: Who Is A More Competent Aspirant Than Emmanuel Okeobor


Nov 14, 2023

By our Reporter

The jostling for the Edo governor’s seat is intensifying as Mr. Godwin Obaseki’s administration nears its expiration. Several aspirants have expressed interest, but Edo faces economic and security crises, requiring a competent leader. Emmanuel Okoebor stands out as a technocrat with a comprehensive understanding of Edo’s challenges.

Emmanuel Okoebor, born in Uromi, Edo state, exemplifies discipline and commitment. From academic excellence at Agbado Primary School to a Civil Engineering degree and MBA from the University of Benin, his achievements reflect his dedication. With over 24 years at United Bank for Africa, rising to regional manager, Okoebor combines engineering expertise with banking experience.

Beyond his professional success, Okoebor founded the DATWL Ehi Foundation, aiding disadvantaged children and widows. His commitment to community service spans a decade, providing scholarships and assistance to those in need. Okoebor’s deep roots in Edo, having grown up and served the people, make him an ideal candidate for the 2024 Governorship.

As a technocrat, Okoebor’s understanding of socio-economic dynamics and friendships across political lines positions him favorably. His lifelong association with the community ensures a genuine connection, unlike those who seek power without community ties. His banking experience further strengthens his leadership aptitude, crucial for Edo’s development.

Okoebor’s personal investment in his community fosters trust and confidence, distinguishing him from aspirants solely pursuing personal interests. Witnessing firsthand the community’s challenges, he empathizes and addresses specific needs effectively. Electing Okoebor in 2024 promises a governance approach centered on the community’s welfare, wisdom, and purpose.

In the upcoming Edo 2024 Governorship election, Emmanuel Okoebor’s advantage lies in his upbringing, education, financial management experience, and strong community ties. His commitment to community development and proven track record make him the ideal candidate for Edo’s future progress and prosperity.

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