109th AAU Inaugural Lecture: Don Canvasses Mathematics As Panacea For Security, National Development


Apr 25, 2024


By Our Reporter


A professor of Mathematics at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Prof Goddy Ujagbe Agbeboh has advocated the study and use of Mathematics as a tool for National growth, development, and combatting the various security challenges facing the Nation.

Prof Goddy Ujagbe Agbeboh while addressing the 109th inaugural lecture of the University with the title “Demystifying Mathematics” in Ekpoma said mathematics, both in the teaching and study, has been variously perceived as a “not to be attempted missionary journey” whereas it is one of the easiest of all the sciences that are key to the development and growth of any nation.

Prof Agbeboh said developed nations have taken advantage of their mathematical knowledge to advance in their technologies and national growth without asking for any ‘transfer of technology’ as being canversed by African nations, most especially Nigeria.

“It suffices to say that the rhetoric approach to the study of Mathematics and other Sciences is responsible for the slow pace of technological development and economic advancement in Nigeria.”

According to Prof Agbeboh, “Science is discovery and discovery is the foundation of technology which involves risk-taking. Instead of encouraging our Scientists and Technologists to take risk by way of experiment, invention and reinvention where there are mistakes, we prefer to transfer technology. Transfer of Technology is more expensive than developing indigenous technology which can lead to the advancement and true independence of the country, if given a chance. I make bold to say that unless we change the idea of transferring Technology, we will always find things difficult and expensive to run.”

Speaking earlier, the Acting Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof Asomwan Sonnie Adagbonyin, noted that “as a science of numbers, mathematics is often considered as a nightmare among students, though often misunderstood.”

Prof Asomwan Sonnie Adagbonyin who was represented at the lecture by the University’s Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration, Prof. Theophilus Agweda, on behalf of Management, expressed his appreciation to the staff and students for the success of the 2nd Semester Examinations of the 2022/2023 academic session and the commencement of the 2023/2024 academic session.
He emphasised the commitment of the University Management to an uninterrupted academic calendar and the prompt payment of salaries and pensions. He also expressed Management’s gratitude to staff “for the understanding and cooperation that the Management has continued to receive from staff and students.”

Highpoint of the 109th AAU Inaugural lecture was the decoration of the lecturer with the esteemed academic medal by the Acting Vice Chancellor.

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