Deacon Gabriel Obanor Celebrates 88Years Anniversary In Grand Style


Jul 24, 2023

As a result of his focus, discipline, hard work, commitment and courage friends, relatives, sons and daughters at the weekend poured praises and Ecomiums on Deacon Gabriel Joshua Obanor for his contributions, counsel, advise and his impart to humanity and the community he resided during his early life journey at the beginning.

They made the ecomiums at the celebration of an Icon Deacon Gabriel Joshua Obanor in Benin city, Edo state, said somebody like him is very difficult to see in this modern era.

Given his account on the day he meant Deacon Gabriel Joshua Obanor, former South South Leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Barrister Gentleman Amengo, asserted that, the first encounter he had with him, is when he wants to contest election into EDHA.

Barrister Amengo said, when he indicated interest to run, some party leaders told him to bring five hundred thousand naira ( 5000,000.00 ) before he can gets the ticket.

He said, he could not get all the fund, and by the time he brought the sum of three hundred and fifity thousand, and Deacon Joshua Obanor discovered the bad act. He said Deacon Obanor quickly objected the move, and counselled me not to give the money to the political leaders. He said since that day, he started having great respect for Deacon Joshua Obanor.

Also, speaking is some representatives sent from Oke Community by their leaders, described Deacon Gabriel Joshua Obanor as a man with a large heart, who was contributing financially to the development and progress of the community.

Spokeperson of the group also thanked him for everything he had done to advance the well being of the community and appealed to his children to follow their father foot steps, and to also learn from the good legacy Deacon Gabriel Joshua Obanor is following.

Stating how happy he is in an exclusive interview, Deacon Gabriel Joshua Obanor, said he is happy and feel elated for been celebrated by his children, when he still alive.

He said,” l am elated and feel very happy today. I am indeed very happy. God is kind for making the weather to be kind to me. Everything has gone smoothly, and I am thankful to God.”

As a former NPN political leader in Edo state, he therefore offered his message to Nigerians, and said we should ensure we pray for peace in Edo state and Nigeria in general.

” There should be peace in Nigeria, there should be no violence. If any violence is coming or eruting that would spear doom in this country. We should engage in prayer of inquire that will avert the unforeseen trouble ahead,” he added.

Deacon Gabriel Joshua Obanor therefore advised his children to strive hard and be work hard not minding the dangers, constrains and situation them find themselves and urged them to fight strong to get out of the problem and look ahead.

Extolling her father goid virtues, one of his daughters, Mrs. Bosede Imagbe Obanor said is father is a disciplinarian who is very hard work, humble, truthful and industrious who is very determined to succeed in life.

She said,” we did not tell my father of this celebration we the children are celebrating for him. He did not like show because my father is a disciplinarian, authoritative, humble, truthful person. Those are the things me and my siblings are proud of him.

“We want to thank God for the life he is spending now because after now we don’t have any regret because my father had brought us well. He is not afraid, I am proud to belong to the family of Obanor.

” You are a blessing to us, and you will remain a blessing to us. We are praying for long life for you because we want to tap from your wisdom and knowledge in you. Daddy many happy days ahead in Jesus name, amen.”

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