Edo NAWOJ cheers Osariemen Asien for Read A Thon Guinness World Record


Mar 6, 2024

By Our Reporter

The Nigeria Association of Women Journalists NAWOJ Edo State has extended their moral support to Miss Osariemen Angel, who has since began the journey to break the Guinness World record for the Longest Marathon Read Aloud in Benin City.

The Chairperson, Nigeria Association of Women Journalists NAWOJ Edo State, Adesuwa Ehimuan led a team of women journalists to the Edo State Library to give moral support to Miss. Angel Osariemen Asien, who is on a 200 hours marathon attempt, to winning a world Guinnes record.

Adesuwa Ehimuan said at a time when reading culture is gradually going into extension, the reading competition will spur youths to start reading voraciously.
“… Our youths no longer read, the reading culture is fast eroding our society. If it continues what would become of our children. This gesture of Angel Osariemen Asien is applaudable . It will indeed engineer youths to imbibe reading culture NAWOJ is proud of Angel ”

Asien who could not hide her excitement on seeing the women gave her compliments to them amidst the Read Aloud Marathon to the amazement of other guests present. She took advantage of her 5mins break to see Edo NAWOJ.

Manager of Asein, Mr. Amienye Omorogie, in an interview, said the read-a-thon has not been easy, but, they are looking towards hitting the 200 hour bench mark with the support of Edolites who come around daily to spur Aseinl on in her reading, which he said would go a long way to imbibe reading culture on Edo youths

He stated that about “Fifteen (15) schools from the metropolis have come around and we are expecting more, which is monumental and what the read-a-thon is all about. Not just about winning but making impact, touching all the youths in our secondary schools in Edo State so that they will also be reading. Like we say, leaders are readers.”

Throwing light on the support base of celebrities and government officials thus far, he said, “, We had the first lady of Edo State, Betsy Obaseki coming around to encourage Asein. We had the Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, Education, Arts and Culture, Digital economy, Gender Issues… We have had celebrities of Edo extraction like Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen. Other Nollywood stars Nosa Rex and Etinosa have been here to equally cheer her on.

“We have likes of Porkupyne, comedians, content creators and bloggers coming around to wish her well.”

Miss. Assien Angel Osariemen is a volunteer of the Nigerian Red Cross Society and former “Miss Red Cross”.

Angel Osariemen Asein
an indigene of Edo State and a 500level Fisheries student of Lagos State University (LASU), who’s set to break the Guinness world record for the Longest Marathon Read Athon.

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