3.8Million Nigerians die annually from indoor pollution-Dr Sunny Duke


Mar 7, 2024


By Mercy Onyenweli


An average of 3.8 Million Nigerians are said to be dying annually through an indoor pollution while another 4.2million people also lost their lives through the outdoor pollution with ignorance about the immediate cause of their ailment.

The revelation was made by a media personality,Dr. Sunny Duke Ph.D while presenting his Ph.D Thesis at the Chemistry department of the university of Benin City.

He decried the alarming rate which Cancer, Kidney, Diabetes and other health related challenges makes people lose their lives from Gas flare and Oilspill in communities where oil is drilled.

In his submission he said the only way to reduce the rate of these deadly diseases is for government to have the political will to initiate new policies that would checkmate the activities of oil or gas operating companies in the country or implement the existing ones.

According to him, Nigeria looses millions of its populace to cancer annually as a result of siteing of petrol stations at wrong locations with emission reducing life quality and quantity causing serious damages to the ecosystem.

Speaking on the topic of his Thesis, Evaluation of Airborne Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAHs) and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) within the vicinity of Petrol Dispensing Stations in Benin City, he stressed that both PHAs and PBDEs are persistent Organic Pollutants that have been widely reported to be carcinogenic

.Nigeria he said looses millions of its populace to cancer annually as a result of siting petrol stations at wrong locations with emission reducing life quality and quantity causing serious damages to the ecosystem.

Assessing duke’s presentation, the Professors at the Chemistry Department of the University, took turns to eulogise his style of presentation and applauded him for spending time and money to carry out a detailed research on the topic.

According to them, the evaluation of the health implication of PBDEs and PAHs is timely and very relevant to the challenges of the country.

The Head of Department (HOD) of Chemistry, Professor Julius Iyatsele who could not hide his satisfaction on the presentation announced that the Deputy Vice Chancellor has offered an employment at the Chemistry department to Sunny Duke.

In show of further solidarity, Thomas Sado, a one time Governorship Candidate and a reknown Journalist described his presentation as mind blowing.

“The truth is that, I am not shock that my colleague is a guru in his chosen Career because he has always distinguish himself in anything he does. another truth is that I know little or nothing about Chemistry but the way he stood there and was dishing out his points and making the analysis looks simpler and engaging, I was marveled. I want to tell Edo people that Sunny Duke is a blessing to humanity, the more you flip through him, the more you want to know him. I know quite well, that he has so much to give , He is a gift to humanity.

On her part, Sharon Ajayi,a broadcast Journalist and Head corporate News ITV Benin shower glowing encomium on Sunny Duke.

“He is more than a Colleaque, he is a mentor, he is a Man of many parts, my early days in ITV, he saw that light in me and mentored me. He was the first person to put me on Television and since then, he mentored me and today, I am Sharon Ajayi, all thanks to him“

‘Seeing him presenting his thesis today is not a surprise to me, because he is one Man who is very intelligent and hardworking, very humble and always ready to teach who ever is wiling to learn, so I am so proud of him. The next time he will be address as Dr and a PHD at the end of his name. this excites me greatly” she said.

Also speaking, the Wife, Mrs Loveth Okosun congratulated her husband and noted that she is not just proud that she married a Ginus but she is proud that her husband will use his knowledge to impact positively on the wellbeing of Nigerians.

“ I am thanking God almighty for bringing him this far, and I am very proud of him because my husband is a unique Man who is so hardworking and dogged. I say a big thank you to the HOD OF DEPARTMENT OF Chemistry and all the Professors who championed his cause and make today a success and a reality.”

All the way from Australia , an Ace broadcaster ,Comrade Emmerson Edosa congratulated Sunny Duke Okosun whom he said his hardwork and push for a better Nigeria has paid off.

“I am one of those whom you mentored and lift from grass to grace and am grateful that God Almighty has rewarded you with so much elevation .Today, this Ph.D degree is a loud statement that had proven that your deligent efforts were not in vain. I am proud of you, no wonder we call you Manager with a difference.”

” Eddy Young , a film producer based in United Kingdom also congratulated Dr Sunny Duke Okosun and wished him the best of a new dawn.

“Sunny Duke, your hardwork has paid off and you know you are a special Man . You know how much I love and appreciate you for beliving in my talent. I grew up watching you on TV and I was oppurtuned to work with you. I can say first hand how much hardwork you put in whatever you do , you are a gogetter, thank you for chasing your dreams, thank you for being an amazing person,

”Another Ace broadcaster, Uyi Agbonmwonfuegbe  commended Sunny Duke for the successful presentation of his thesis on Environmental pollution in the prestigious University of Benin.

“I am proud of you for you tenacity, your hardwork and how you have built a lot of talents in the broadcast industry. You are a bundle of inspiration to many of us and you do it so quietly , we are proud of you and we believe , this is one of the many things to happen to you.

Femi Oguntoye a broadcast Journalists with TVC News, said his story would not be complete without mentioning Sunny Duke.

“As the head of presentation in ITV 20 years ago, Sunny Duke brought out the talent in me and also my friend Adekunle then, who is now my wife , we both consider him a great mentor with great leadership qualities. We are grateful on how God has helped you. Adding another feather to your crowded cap , we are proud of you and I want to pray that this will not be the end of your achievement, you have to consider politics in the coming years and at that level, I trust you to provide that leadership in a higher dimension”

Speaking also , Ugochuchwu Bamidele , former General Manager Excel Communication Limited congratulated Dr. Sunny Duke and explained how he inspired him to become who he is today.

” 2013 was the year my career path took a huge turn and it was for the better. Uptill today, I am supper grateful for the choices that I made, that I did not back out noting the circumstances then”.

” I am happy that this is happening for him, am happy that he pushed and lived above the status quo to get a doctorate degree and not an honorary one. You went through the process, and here you are defending your thesis. I want you to know that I am a proud Son, remember I call you Daddy.”

“I got to where I am today because one Man look beyond parochial sentiment,looked beyond my ethnic background, looked beyond everything to inspire the rest of us who encountered him in his broadcast journey. You inspired us , I mean , we are talking of the Duke of airwaves here!. I am saying a big Congratulations to you, I know the journey has not been easy here but this the beginning of greater things to come.”

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