My Life is under threat, Editor of Fresh Angle International , Ebule cries out


Mar 7, 2024

By Our Reporter


Editor-In-Chief of Fresh Angle International, Ebule Anthony Metsese, has raised alarm over alleged recurring threats to his life as a result of controversial developments in Warri Kingdom.


Ebule, stated that the most recent of such threats, was connected to the incident that happened at Okere Community in Warri on Saturday March 2.

He explained: “As an indigene of Okere Community and a seasoned Mass Communicator, who understands and practice the concept of Social Responsibility Theory of the Media, I decided not to publish the event that happened in my beloved Okere Community on that fateful day. Shockingly, despite our (Me and other members of Fresh Angle International Editorial Team) decision to play down on what transpired at Okere, there have been series of warnings, directly or indirectly targeted at me (Ebule Anthony Metsese) insisting that if I publish any report regarding the incident, I will be severely dealt with.

“The threats, are not unconnected with the patronage Fresh Angle International gets from Chief Ayirimi Emami. Interestingly some persons in the quarters where the threats are coming from, occasionally patronize Fresh Angle International through proxies, whilst making remarks that impugn on the professional integrity of Fresh Angle International Newspaper in their private and social gatherings. A few others from the threat axis, have never bothered to patronize Fresh Angle International Newspaper, whenever they have need to do any form of publicity, rather they enjoy blackmail against Fresh Angle International and are on the trajectory of intimidating members of our Editorial Team, particular me, the Editor-In-Chief. I consider this a deliberate strategy to censor reports from this fast-growing Newspaper, enjoying increasing global appeal.

“I must add, Fresh Angle International Newspaper, was not established to serve the interest of any individual or ethnic nationality, but open to patronage from persons, institutions and corporate bodies across the world. Intimidation is not the right tool to win people’s support, rather constructive engagement is the civilized approach, particularly in a society constitutional democracy is being practiced. At this point in time, I will not mention the names of the prominent persons in Itsekiri Nation that are after my life, for committing no crime, but they should know that the security agencies and the media beyond the shores of Nigeria, will soon have their names documented, for posterity to judge.”

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