Governor Godwin Obaseki owe Edo People an apology for preventing Labour Party use of Ogbe Stadium


May 2, 2023

By Mercy Onyenweli

A Social Crusader, Dr. Patrick Eholor has commended the resident permit policy  of Governor Godwin Obaseki in Edo State.

Dr Eholor who is the Chairman of One Love Foundation in Benin City applauded Godwin Obaseki’s  bold step while addressing some questions posed by Newsmen in Benin City.

He lamented over the  power that resides within the Federal Government and stressed that , it is time to decentralize powers to the states .He queried, why can’t Nigeria Government  emulate the good side of Developed Countries like America where all the state government has different laws that guide their activities including their means of generating resources like driver’s license and resident number.

“In an ideal society, every state has its own law, if the intention of Governor Obaseki is not politically motivated, then, I applaud him because,  we cannot continue to  guess the population of people in  the state, it means there would be statistics to know how many people  reside in the state.”

According to him, the Governor should take further step to introduce  a strong database where all the information of each individuals will be stored for easy access.

“We are overdue to know who reside with time to know our data to enable us trace this criminal elements who sneak in to the state to perpeterate crime. There should be a date base  of all residents of Edo State” he stressed.

Speaking further, he condemned the sitting Governors across the Country denying opposition political parties access to public space built by tax payers money.

“I think Governors who are denying opposition Candidates public space to campaign to the electorates are  just displaying how limited their knowledge  are in democratic process. Democratic government allows each candidates to tell the people what they want  to do for them.  A robust competition, that is the beauty of democracy”

He however called on Governor Obaseki to apologize to Edo People   for denying Labour party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi the Ogbe stadium to campaign to Edo People. “But my joy, was that Edo people being who they are , turn the supposed  campaign rally to Carnival. “

He further thanked Edo People for trouping out to show that Edo is for Peter Obi. “ Edo is the cradle of civilization, we lead, we don’t come second. When Edo people said Obgane, they meant it and deliver Godwin Obaseki, so, now, that they are presently singing Peter Obi, be rest assured that Obi will have 100% votes from here.”

He stressed that the President Buhari administration was able to achieve the electoral law which to an extent will reduce  election manipulation drastically . he furthered   called on Edo People to ensure they resist any pressure by Politicians to sell their votes.

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